Friday, February 22, 2008

EtsyRain *hearts* Swimmy!

Not too long ago, Rokali put out a call for Etsy members to send him fish. Not just any fish, of course, but orange fish for a large diorama to be constructed in the Etsy Labs in New York. Well, EtsyRain has responded. :) Below is a sampling of the cute fish that some of our members have come up with.

Art by Norm

Baubles by Hand

ScaryWhiteGirl Designs

LAS Designs

World of Whimm

DaisieMai Creations


Of course, none of these fish are for sale in our respective Etsy shops. But if you like what you see, you may find something similar in the shops! :)


' said...

I made another swimmy that unfortunately, was confused and swimmy the wrong direction. I hope to have soon gracing one of my bags in my site.

All the swimmy's are so fabulous and it shows what a diverse group we have!

katy said...

They are darling! I think these swimmys should be salmon swimmys as they come from Seattle! said...

Good job, everyone! Kaycee, you should your fish anyway, coming from Seattle, we can just say he's swimming up stream :)