Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy birthday, Kimberly! And happy birthday, Kristy!

We've had two EtsyRain birthdays this weekend. The first, on Saturday, was Kristy of Kreative Kristy. Kristy makes jewelry, but her shop is currently empty, so I can't show you any of it at the moment. If you visit her shop, though, you can see some of her sold pieces.

The second birthday, today, is Kimberly of Kimberly at Stir and Stir Textiles. The former shop contains her photography (like my favorite photo to the left), while the latter contains her painted and dyed silk items.

Kimberly also has a studio in Pioneer Square (with Rosalie of Ugly Baby), which often plays host to EtsyRain artist shows. Stir is right near the Seattle ferry terminal that departs for Bainbridge Island and Bremerton, and I was happy to see the letters for "Stir" in the windows above the door when I got off the ferry on Friday. Nothing like seeing a friend's place to remind you that you're home!


Unknown said...

Happy happy happy birthday!

Anandi said...

i so totally love this photo. and not just because the guy is hot ;)