Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy birthday, Cheryl!

Happy birthday wishes to Cheryl, of Seattle Bead Creations. Cheryl is one of the early members of EtsyRain, and though she's been taking a much needed break lately, we're always happy to have her around.

Cheryl makes lovely jewelry, which she sells mainly at craft shows currently. She also recently had the exciting experience of getting an order from a boutique owner! So wish her a very happy birthday and congratulate her on her latest accomplishment! :)


Therapeutic Threads said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Cheryl!!!! You deserve a good one!

' said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl! What a great photo!

Cheryl Z said...

wow! thanks to you all! and dawn, i appreciate the kind words & the plug :) good old google just advised me of this post. great to hear from you all & wish you folks continued success. cherylz (older, but wiser???? not so much :)