Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the Makers: Kim Wilton of Pepo Park

Kim started making soap with a friend way back in 2000.   She loved delving into the science of soapmaking and creating luscious scent combinations with essential oils.  Not to mention, her dry skin felt so much better after using handcrafted soap.  Fast forward to 2005 and PepoPark was created.

Pepo means sun ripened in Latin. 

Meet the Makers: Sarah Rollinger of Tutta Lou Press

How did you get started printing?

All my life I have enjoyed creating, whether it be baking, sewing, cooking or refinishing furniture, the simple pleasures of life have been mine to share with family and friends. With a background in architecture and design, I started Tutta Lou Press because I wanted to create simple luxuries for others with an emphasis of creating a handmade yet professional-quality product.

What do you like best about letterpress printing?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Handmade RAIN of Western WA heads to the Buyers Market of American Craft

Five members of the RAIN team will be heading to the Buyer's Market of American Craft July 11-13 in Baltimore, MD.  

"The Buyers Market is the largest wholesale trade show where retailers place orders directly with artists who produce luxury goods for home and fashion.  The event is unique among gift tradeshows, as all works on display are exclusively designed and studio made by artists in the United States and Canada – no imports or mass-manufactured products allowed."

The five members are:
Marlo Miyashiro from Marla & Natasha Studio
Kim Wilton from Pepo Park
Sarah Rollinger from Tutta Lou Press
Alexa Allamano from Foamy Wader
and Heidi Kappes Belinsky from Haute Goat Cashmere

Check back often for more info about the artists, their products and the show.  We will also be tweeting from Baltimore, so follow us on Twitter!