Monday, October 31, 2011

Moyo Workshop

Megan Cook Nikiema isn’t just in this to share her stunning creations with shoppers, she has a higher purpose. Proceeds from her business, Moyoworkshop, go to a cause that she deeply believes in, suicide prevention. It’s in honor of a beloved family member (….sigh.) But this is also her not-so-secret passion! She is descended from a long line of crafters. Sewing, baking and interior design are all in her background. You can see from her website that she makes everything from scarves, to tiny paintings, to her favorite item: amigurumi creatures. “Because they have personality and hugability,” she says. Her superpower is a shocker, Teleportation! Can you image how much that cuts down on gas? Find Moyoworkshop at this year’s Handmade Holiday Show.


Haute Goat Cashmere said...

Is that the cutest bear ever?

MNIKIEMA said...

thanks! I'm so excited to be featured!!!

custom essay writing said...

it's so sweeeeet)) what a cute little bear, so lovely)) ^_^