Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: 1Wood

Todd started with a box of legos at age three and never looked back, Jill learned to sew at age six, now the husband and wife team has over 70 years of crafting between them. 
They start out dumpster diving, it’s a very select dumpster; Todd shares a workshop with furniture makers. Their castoffs become Todd and Jill’s cutting boards, toys, building blocks, candle holders, furniture and even jewelry with tradition wood joinery techniques like cutting, sanding and rubbing.
They have impressive superpowers. Todd can fall asleep in 30 seconds, ANYWHERE! (an insomniac’s dream) and Jill has cat-like reflexes which she hones by curling up in front of the fireplace.
Catch them next weekend at the Handmade Holiday show, or at


custom writing said...

Very nice thing fro, wood! How much it must be cost in shop?

Todd and Jill said...

Do you mean how much does this necklace cost in our shop? Or do you mean how much does it cost to rent the woodshop space?

Daniel Lee said...

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