Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Elisa Shere

Elisa Shere refers to herself as an art nerd. Her “nerdiness” started at pottery camp when she was a girl and blossomed into every art class she could schedule in high school. She went on to study ceramics and then started metal smithing six years ago. She opened her etsy shop in 2005 and quit her day job three years later.
Now, she starts her work with metal sheets and wire, adds vintage flowers and gemstones that she hunts for high and low and turns that into polished and pretty jewelry pieces. A nerd with a purpose!
Her superpower is multitasking! She balances renovating a 90 year old house with raising her 13 month old son AND building her inventory for the Handmade Holiday Show. Here’s the link for a sneak peak:

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