Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Orange Twist

Her “Happy Birthday Sasquatch” card tells you a lot about Claire Jauregui. Witty and fun with a smarty pants dedication to the Pacific Northwest. She started making cards when she was eight, and opened her Etsy shop a little over three years ago.
Claire gets a joke or pun in her head and pulls out her sketch book to work on a picture. She uses photoshopped pictures to complete her idea and heads off to the Pratt Fine Arts Center where she exposes her screens, prints her ideas and heads back to her home studio to put on the finishing touches.
She’ll have cards, posters, garlands and baby rompers at the Handmade Holiday show, all designed and screen printed in Seattle.
She might have a few treats hidden away too, since her superpower is the ability to consume large quantities of sweets.

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