Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Scary White Girl

Dawn Vogel hops on the bus for her morning commute, and pulls out her crochet hook to work on her other job on the way. Her crocheted cupcakes, coffee cup cozies and bun covers are all made before she gets to the office.
She’s been crocheting almost seven years and started her etsy shop,  in 2006.  Her eyeball cat toys are the hot ticket at most of the shows she does, something every cat household needs right?
She is a superfast crocheter but her real superpower is juggling work, play and her side business while keeping her sanity and "eyeball" sense of humor!

1 comment:

Susan Dziadosz said...

My cat enjoys her eyeball toy, especially when I spray catnip essence on it. Then I get to watch her try to bite the heck out of it!