Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Squigglechick

Her unofficial mantra is “if it’s not good for you to eat, I can use the packaging for my materials.” We’re talking soda bottles, chips and candy wrappers and BEER! Tracy Borders upcycles them into wallets, journals, dog collars, cuffs, eyeglass cases and her most popular item, luggage tags.
She got her start by giving her creations away to her friends and relatives, lucky to be on her family tree, right? Then she realized that she could SELL THEM and she was off to the races. Now, she’s got a long list of supporters who eat junk food just for her, so they can save the wrappers and ease the burden on their carbon footprint.
She says her super power is her husband who encourages her and contributes new ideas (and possibly helps with those junk food wrappers).
Come shop the Squigglechick booth at the Handmade Holiday show, and online at .

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