Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Sucree

One of her very first jewelry pieces was a necklace made from macaroni, a gift to her mother. Jill Jandreau’s jewelry has evolved well past pasta into intricately designed metalsmithing. Her ideas often come in the middle of the night and she’s compelled to get up, sketch and give it a go in her studio.  Jill uses traditional techniques; hammering soldering and sanding, rinse, repeat. But she is very mindful of using recycled metal and other materials when she can.
Cuff bracelets and spinner necklaces are among her new items, possibly the brain child of insomnia. She’ll also bring her popular stacking rights and money clips to the Handmade Holiday show next Saturday and Sunday.
Jill’s superpower is telekinesis, which really helps her move metal.

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