Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Thea Starr

Thea’s first official craft project was red electric-tape press-on nails, Lee (of the press on nails people) didn’t have nothing on Thea. She progressed to kanzashi in 2001, one of only two people in the states who made the traditional Japanese hair ornaments at that time.
Thea takes vintage kimonos, cleans and presses them and begins the folding process, one petal at a time, to craft them into flowers. Her standard hairclips are her most popular item because, she says, they come in fabrics to fit everyone’s taste.
Her superpower is so rare, marvel comics doesn’t even have this one covered. She can balance stuff in her fridge. Theo says other mom’s can appreciate this superpower more than most.

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what a lovely stuff!! and so hard to make it as it looks at the first sight. cool