Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: Ugly Baby

Rosalie and Doug Gale’s process is upside down and backwards, and most of the time a slap in the face. They build their sarcastic waterproof shower art in layers with rubber, letters, toys and glitter from back to front. So, the occasional typo and inverted letter are unavoidable.
Rosalie has been at this crafting thing since her first hideous sweater was knitted at about age eight. She grew up, met Doug and sarcasm bloomed.
This year they are bringing their sarcasm to a whole new level. Now, your soap dish can read “Suck, Crap, Poop and Doodie!” Or, get a post card and t-shirt that says, “Suck it, Stupidface!” The choices are endless! Find Rosalie, Doug and their new line of items at the Handmade Holiday show next week.
By the way, Rosalie says her superpower is productivity, but not necessarily backwards spelling.

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