Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Our Vendors: World of Whimm

The wonderful World of Whimm is a magical and spectacular place created by the talented Kayce Quevedo. She vows that she started crafting in the womb (Likely a crowded place with fetus-Kayce AND the sewing machine). Her long time dabbling got serious when she quit her day job to raise her her kids. Now, her mermaid tails, crowns and superhero attire take up most of her free time.
She’ll bring all her popular whimsical creations along with a few new items to the Handmade Holiday show this Saturday. Could it be ADULT versions of her mermaid tails???
By the way, her superpower is denial. Amazingly, it’s how she gets everything done.

1 comment:

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Mermaids Tail?? o_O LOL)) who create it?? need to be a freak to do it. but I like it anyway