Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PLATINUM Sponspor: Seattle Weekly

The award-winning publication has been around since 1976. It was founded by an art-starved East Coast transplant and has kept this area in the know about everything artsy ever since. It also has a hard edge with its finger on the pulse of the movers, shakers and politics of the city. It’s a great source for music and art happenings. EtsyRAIN is exuberant to have Seattle Weekly as a PLATINUM Sponsor for the Handmade Holiday Show and will have two full color ads on the back page prior to the event.

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Unknown said...

The Chicago Sun-Times just did the same thing - and apparently are dumping the entire "Weekend" section, as well. They jettisoned the food section a few months ago, replacing it with a two-page amalgam of worthless syndicated rubbish. To get more info please visit