Monday, January 9, 2012

Post Holiday Blues?

Through the months of November and December the number of crafts fairs, holiday bazaars and Christmas shows shoots up exponentially. The Puget Sound offers at least a dozen each weekend to help Christmas shoppers cross off their lists, buy a few treats, pump up their winter accessories and wardrobes and complete their decorating efforts. Also, internet sales skyrocket too, sending many crafters on multiple trips to the post office. It’s a prime opportunity to sell your product to the masses. We lug around tables, display gear and our carefully made items …some have it worse than others. It makes for a busy holiday season that requires lots of energy and a never-ending smile.
Now that the season is behind us, it’s not unusual to feel a bit of a lull. The lack of activity can leave some feeling without purpose and possibly a little lost. That’s normal. It will pass. Many crafters see it as an opportunity to recoup and refuel.
Dawn of  says, “I used the time when I wasn't as frantic with my crocheting to start planning the new things I want to do this year, to organize my craft room, and to look at the massive quantities of yarn that have somehow ended up in my closet."
Planning for the next year is a great way to focus your newly found free time. Reflecting on the good moments of the busy holiday craft season and doing your best to correct the not-so-special things.
“I have to admit that the lack of sales can be a real bummer.  The spigot totally shuts off.  It takes me a little while to re-train myself to stop checking my various online sales venues looking for activity," says Anne Sylte Bloom of
Anne uses this time to make a lot of changes to her product line. She creates new soap varieties, changes labels, and experiments with completely new items.  “It’s really the most creative and rejuvenating time of year for me.”
Taking time away from your craft is another way to recover from the holiday rush.
 “For me things tend to pick back up in February so I enjoy this time after the extreme craziness post holidays. In this time I catch up on side projects like knitting & quilting which isn't my "professional" craft. It’s like a nice diversion to do other things,” says Thea Starr of .

Good luck, keep crafting and Happy New Year!


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your blog is AMAZINE. new follower!

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Such feelings are common all over the world. It’s kind of difficult to follow the regular schedule after the holiday season.

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