Thursday, January 19, 2012

The weather outside is frightful, is your crafting so delightful?

We’re in the middle of one of the biggest snow storms this area has seen in quite a while. Most of us are used to given the snow report in inches (2, 3 or 4 really) but more than a foot of snow in some places? Wow! So, we’re trapped in with a limited agenda. Perfect conditions for crafting efforts, right?
Cari, who is just North of Poulsbo says she’s already cranked out several new pillow covers for her shop Seclusion Cove. She’s finalizing details of custom orders and gearing up to take some pictures of her latest work …after a short break, “My "snow day" project should be tidying up my workroom and re-doing some product photos, but now, I'm snuggled under a quilt and finishing a good British mystery novel, with a cup of tea close at hand.”
Amy Harris of Solstice Designs couldn’t make it in to open her shop at the Pike Place Market but says she’s sewing away at home in Burien, “It’s a crafter’s paradise,” she said via text.
That’s not the case for everyone. Keri of UPTown DownTown is too busy babysitting her grandson to get anything done in University Place where seven inches of snow fell.
Thankfully, a warm up is coming and that much needed run for supplies, whether it's food or crafting supplies is right around the corner.


Colleen MacDonald said...

I retreated into a handwork phase, since we had no electricity and my sewing machine was left cold. But I knitted, sipped tea, and sat outside (brrr...) to photograph birds while I dreamed up future blog posts. I'm so happy to say that we now have power again! Time to fire up the sewing machine!

Dawn said...

You'd think that snowy days would be the perfect time to get more crocheting done, but I was too busy working on my day job work!