Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crafty Swap, BBQ (picnic) and Yarn Drive 5/12 Anderson Park

The crafty swap at Anderson Park in Redmond was a success! Good weather, yummy food, great company, lots of swaportunity, amazing weather and a lovely backdrop provided by Suzanne Tidwell's Artificial Light project were just the ingredients we needed for a good swap. Here are pictures from the event:


' said...

Lots of fun - and so much stuff! I still need to unload the car. Thanks for organizing!

Jenny said...

great event. All my craft goodies are still piled up on my floor. I like staring at them too much to put them away.

juliangreenfield said...

The event was superb. I have so much to fix around my home. I shopped till I dropped.

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