Monday, October 1, 2012

How to prepare for a big (or any) craft fair

So you’re just starting out and you're getting ready to sell your hand crafted items to the public? You’re nervous? That’s normal.  You worried? It’s okay, you’ll have fun! You feel unprepared? Here’s a few tips for you.

The three big things you need to consider are:

1. Who your audience is.

  • This is vital because knowing your shopper will help determine if a show is right for you.

2. Having enough stuff.

  •  How do you know if you do? That’s easy. You should plan to be able to completely replenish your table at least once. In other words, if you sell out of everything, you have enough to make your table look pretty well stocked. i.e. avoid the 'picked over' look.
Also consider:
  • How big the show is. 
  •  How many hours/days in the show.
  • Ask the organizer what the expected attendance is.

3. Having a great booth display.

Visit other craft fairs for ideas. Look on the web, like this stream of pictures.  Do a test run before hand to practice how quick you can set up and tear down.  And write yourself a checklist like this one to make sure you have everything you need.
The most important thing to remember is to SMILE, HAVE FUN and RELAX! It makes a difference.

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Jamie said...

Great tips! I'm a complete newbie but am excited for my first show! Thanks so much!