Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Copper Sponsor: Caffe Lladro

The term "handcrafted" has become synonymous with that which is well made and well done. We'd like to add "tastes fantastic," especially when it comes to coffee roasted and brewed by Caffe Ladro, one of our Copper Sponsors for our Handmade Holiday Show.

Considered a Seattle coffee institution, CaffeLadro opened its first location on Upper Queen Anne in 1994. Since then, they have grown to thirteen locations in the greater Seattle area, maintaining their signature friendly atmosphere, quality baked goods, and delicious coffee.

Caffe Ladro has always been a pioneer of sustainably and ethically produced coffee. In 2011, they launched a new division of the company, Ladro Roasting, which allows Caffe Ladro to source their own green coffee. Single origins and blends are now made to perfection at their Queen Anne roastery.

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