Friday, November 9, 2012

Silver Sponsor: Kollabora

With its belief in “we are what we make, and that people should have a creative alternative to just buying products,” it’s only natural for etsyRAIN and Kollabora to be hand-in-hand to promote handmade.

Kollabora (which comes from the Latin word “collaboro” for working together, is a social platform for do-it-yourself folk, offering a craft supply marketplace and numerous maker communities that link to projects, supplies and how-tos. Want to make a Diagonal Mesh Pullover by Lion Brand? You’ll be provided downloadable instructions and all the supplies you need are gathered and ready for you to put into your virtual shopping cart with one click.

Inspired to make your holiday gifts this year? Kollabora can help! There are sewing, jewelry and knitting projects galore at Kollabora—check out their Alt Summit Challenge featuring a twigjewelry display, a leather geometric necklace or an art inspired chevron totebag. 

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