Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vendor Showcase: Call your father

Moms can't have all the fun - it's time to celebrate the dad.  For all those cool dads, for all those dorky dads, for all the dads who know that handmade isn't just for the ladies.

brittle circles
peanut, cashew, and and pistachio brittle by Sweet Coconut Bakery
Sweet and nutty, just like Dad.

anatomy of a bike tee-shirt
American Apparel tee printed with eco-friendly ink by Cellar Door Mercantile
 Whether your dad loves to bike, or has all these great characteristics of a bike, he's sure to dig this tee.

Mr. Mustachio shaving soap
lathering shaving cream by Formulary 55
 Just add lathering brush and your good to go!

shaving kits
badger brushes and lathering bowls hand-thrown by Heidi's Pottery
 Oh look!  Here's a whole bunch of lathering brushes and bowls!

underwood typewriter bottle opener
US made bottle opener attached to salvaged board with screenprinted typewriter by Red Boots Design
 Dad would be able to open bottles with a little more style if he just had one of these!

Thoreau inspired cologne
cologne handcrafted by Sweet Tee Apothecary
 Encourage some deep inner reflection with this scent of fresh dew on a tree-dotted meadow.

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