Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vendor Showcase: Curl Up by the Fire

When it's cold outside, who doesn't desire curling up by the fire on a chaise lounge? Here are a few ideas to keep you warm and content...

...a mug of warm cocoa at your side

Porcelain Cherry Mug
Handpainted, wheelthrown porcelain mug by Sarah Bak

...truffles at your fingertips

Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Truffles
Artisan chocolate from Smitten Truffles

...your sharp dressed cat on your lap

Bow Tie Cat Collar
Washable fabric cat collar with elastic band by Chariots Afire

...your fingerless gloves on

Fancy Fingerless Gloves
Knitted (and sparkly) fingerless gloves from Scarf City
...felting project in hand

Paper Dolls E-Textiles Kit
Felt "paper dolls" with LED lights from Bitwise E-Textiles

...should I go on? 

Find more inspiration for a cozy fireside retreat at the etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show, November 29 & 30 on Pier 66.


Anonymous said...

I know that on a cool night I love using my Barley Buddy, all cozy and warm..... Got to love them!

beaks in my lens said...

Yup, I'm ready to curl up be the fire. A new cup of tea, felting project and some chocolates? That's the way to go!