Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vendor Showcase: Sustainably Minded

There are a plethora of ways we can work towards a greener earth, from recycling to using biodegradable materials.  Every little thing counts, and these shops are doing their part to reduce our impact on mother nature and keep sustainability in mind.

mumsy flower table runner
organic cotton table runner by Sage and Kai
Sage and Kai started out of a desire to make better, durable alternatives to disposable products, and grew from there.  What a lovely way to slow landfill growth!

leather guitar strap
recycled black leather strap by Greenbelts
Giving old leather belts a new life is the mission of Greenbelts; cows everywhere thank you.

quartz pendant necklace orange quartz and brass necklace by Jem's Jewelry
To keep the world a little greener, Jem's Jewelry buys local and recycles materials whenever possible.

vintage glass cameo
vintage black and gold cameo from House of Twinkle
 Vintage, the original reuse - and what could be more lovely than a little cameo.

dangle glass earrings
sterling silver and recycled lampwork glass earrings
Made from scrap glass, these little darlings are a doubly green accessory.

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