Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vendor Showcase: Time for a Tea Party

"You're awfully late, Alice. You naughty girl." Whatever you do, don't be late for Mad Hatter's tea party! But if you do arrive late, be sure to come with a delightful, handmade gift suited for a proper sitting.

Of course, if you are in charge of bringing the tea, then please do not be late for the party.

Imperial Breakfast Tea
A worthy cup of tea from B. Fuller's Mortar & Pestle

A proper tea party deserves a classy tea cup.
Classy Tea Cup
Wheelthrown ceramic tea cups from Playful Potter

Artisan jam to go with those scones, perhaps?

Unique Small Batch Jams
A variety of jam flavors from Sweet Caroline Jams

 A sweet little gift for the sweet hostess.

Kimono Droplet Earrings
Playful earrings made with vintage kimono fabric by Sazanka Design

Help your hostess stay organized (in case s/he is late for their own tea party)!

Errand Wallet
Sleek and slim envelope-style wallet by Chubby Cloud
You'll find these vendors at the etsyRAIN 2013 Handmade Holiday Show, November 29 & 30 on Pier 66!

1 comment:

beaks in my lens said...

Can't wait to buy myself some new tea at the show! Which then means I probably need a new cup too...
And that errand wallet looks like a must-have. Oh boy, I better bring a big shopping bag!